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Breeshia Wade

Author, Buddhist end-of-life caregiver, and grief expert.



The world is waking up, and I’m here for it. 

Whether you are just beginning to notice how fear of loss is shaping your relationships (e.g. interpersonally, to failure, to power etc.), or if you are struggling to break through fear of impermanence in order to discover and pursue your life’s true purpose, I help clients cultivate their inner wisdom and move from anxiety and existential dread to a place of spiritual growth..

Breeshia Wade

About Me

I’m a writer and grief expert. I help clients uncover the ways that avoiding impermanence—fear of loss—shapes us. I worked in end-of-life care (hospice and hospitals) for 5 year. I’m the author of the Grieving While Black: An Anti-Racist Take on Oppression and Sorrow. Grief is bigger than our individual stories and deeply connected to what we fear, what we love and what we aspire towards. Let’s work together.

Our world needs to attend to and acknowledge grief.

Grief is bigger than what’s already happened to us – it is connected to our fears, what we love, and who we aspire to become. Grief impacts our relationship with ourselves and one another, and our social location determines the amount of harm we inflict against others based on our inherent relationship to grief.

Grief doesn’t require a precipitating event, just a subtle awareness of the present moment and how that might impact the future. We feel grief during our saddest moments, like the passing of a loved one, and in our happiest ones, like the day we’re dropped off at college. It is connected to moments that have already passed, like a fight with our best friend, and to moments to come, like knowing we will lose someone close to us one day. Grief is knowing that we, too, will die. Grief happens at the height of our careers, within stable and healthy families, and while we’re in love as we become aware of the reality of impermanence.

I’ve spent years guiding people through the transitions of birth and death, and today, it’s my honor and my calling to help people build lives rich in meaning and authenticity as they navigate their unique path to spiritual well being.

Kind words

Stephen Murphy

“Her talk at Stanford was uniquely rich and captivating and just what our community of artists, healers, and activists were seeking. As a speaker, she integrates her deep personal experience with broad academic and clinical education and training. I was so impressed that I asked her to co-facilitate a workshop with me on mindfulness and compassion. Breeshia is a leader who offers much needed insight into how our long-term relationships with grief offer powerful lessons about love and intimacy. “

Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu
Stanford University Lecturer, Health and Human Performance, School of Medicine Founder, Heartfulness Lab


“I attended Breeshia’s workshop at UC Berkeley and was so inspired. I appreciated her wisdom. As a fellow millennial and meditation practitioner, I understand it can feel isolating at times as we navigate through this journey called life. It got my brain thinking a lot. My heart beamed with joy. Thanks for re-lighting a candle in my journey.”

– Dr. Alisa
Founder of Calm Corner

Mike P

“The course articulately deconstructed power dynamics existing in different kinds of relationships. It also did a great job of succinctly but meaningfully outlining popular misconceptions of power and agency in a way that allowed me to reflect on my own personal and work relationships. I haven’t previously thought about powerlessness and helplessness as distinctively different concepts so putting clear vocabulary behind them helped me articulate thoughts that I previously struggled to process. I left the course with a greater sense of self-awareness and improved ability to reflect on my own experiences and relationships.”

Mike P
Facebook Employee