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The Gift of Being Haunted by Breeshia Wade

The Gift of Being Haunted by Breeshia Wade




You will learn:

● Concrete ways your fear of impermanence is contributing to systemic trauma.

● How to address the internal roots that lead to learned bias.

● How to become empowered by your relationship to fear, uncertainty, and grief.

● How you can become actively anti-racist.

Typically when we reference grief work in relation to anti-Blackness, people think about the grief experienced by those oppressed by White Supremacy.

This workshop encourages those who are not Black to consider how their own unexplored grief amplifies the suffering of Black people.

Breeshia Wade will show you how your unexplored relationship to impermanence and fear of loss fuels systemic oppression.

Breeshia Wade

Hi, I’m Breeshia.
I received my B.A from Stanford University and completed my M.A at the University of Chicago. I also completed training as a lay ordained Zen Buddhist end-of-life caregiver via Upaya Zen Center. In the evenings, I use my role as an end-of-life caregiver to encourage those who are not facing illness, death or dying to be open to what grief can teach them about sex, desire, life and relationships via writing, online courses and in-person workshops. My work has been featured in Cosmo, Huffpost, Fast Company, and more.

My book, Grieving While Black, advocates for using mindfulness as a tool to expand the world’s conception of grief beyond concrete loss. I call attention to the numerous ways our experiences of inherent grief, related to the reality of impermanence, impact the way we (mis)understand power, craft self-image, and approach boundaries, conflict and accountability.